Peters donates archives to CGU’s Drucker Institute

Claremont Graduate University announced this week that author Tom Peters has donated his nearly 40-year-old collection of books and articles to the Drucker Institute. Photo/courtesy of CGU

Author Tom Peters, one of the world’s leading business minds and the keynote speaker at Drucker’s Centennial Day in 2010, recently donated his nearly 40-year-old collection of books and articles to the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University, the home of Peter Drucker’s own extensive archives.

“I saw a great opportunity to make the Drucker Institute the epicenter of management thinking and debate, allowing scholars, students, and leaders in the private, public, and social sectors to explore and learn from a near-century of writings on the topics of management, business, leadership, and humanism,” Peters wrote in a statement. “I am infinitely proud to be part of the Drucker family and hope my contributed papers will be of value to management thinkers and others in the years to come.”

Michael Kelly, who was recently named executive director of the institute, said Peters and others will visit CGU next year from March 27 to March 28 to celebrate “A Near Century of Thought Leadership on the Practice of Management,” a news release read. Kelly added Peters’ works will also be preserved and digitized over the next few months.

Born in Baltimore, Peters was a civil engineering graduate at Cornell University before he earned a master’s and a Ph.D. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. A former US Navy combat engineer, White House drug-abuse policy advisor, and McKinsey & Company partner, he has also been honored by numerous associations in areas such as management, leadership, quality, human resources, campaigning for more women in senior leadership positions, customer service, innovation, marketing, and design. He also helped found Skunkworks Inc., the Palo Alto Consulting Center, and the Tom Peters Company.

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