Readers comments: August 19, 2022

Dear Claremont neighbors
To the editor:
The state is in an extreme drought, with a terrible water shortage. For all of us, and for future generations, we need to conserve. The state and the City of Claremont have imposed water rationing. This is needed for all of us, and it is not unreasonable. Nevertheless, on my evening walks I am shocked and saddened to see there are still those who use their automatic sprinklers multiple times during the week. On my last few walks (which were not on days when sprinklers are allowed), I passed by four houses with sprinklers running! I have to assume there are other neighbors at other times who are also wantonly ignoring the emergency.
Please do not behave so selfishly. Your lawns are no more valuable than mine or anyone else’s. You can always hand water if necessary. This is in fact suggested to preserve our trees. Our future depends on it.
Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei

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