Recommendations to help stay safe if ‘followed home’

Due to recent ‘follow-home’ robberies throughout Los Angeles County, such as a similar case in Claremont in which an unnamed victim was followed home and subsequently robbed, the Los Angeles Police Department released a countywide safety alert on Tuesday, November 9.

“These crimes have occurred throughout the City of Los Angeles as well as neighboring cities. Different suspects have been identified and arrested for these types of crimes,” the post read.

According to the alert, the ‘targets’ of these robberies has been “expensive jewelry including watches and necklaces, as well as expensive purses.” Victims could potentially be targeted also based on the kind of car they drive.

If you find yourself in this dangerous situation, the LAPD and surrounding police departments recommend the following safety protocols.

• Be aware of your surroundings and look for anything unusual or out of the ordinary before exiting your vehicle, walking out of a restaurant or any other place of business.
• Be cautious of displaying high value property including jewelry and other items mentioned above.
• Record and report suspicious activity with as many [clear] details as possible.
• If you’re driving and believe you’re being followed, dial 911. You can also drive your car to the nearest police station, if possible.
• If you are being robbed, comply with the thieves and do not resist them. Remember any possible details you can of the event including suspects and their vehicle.
• Do not give chase or pursue robbery suspects afterwards, instead call 911 and let the police do their job.

For more safety information or to report a crime, call CPD at (909) 399-5411. For emergencies, please dial 911.


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