Recreational vehicle parking reminder

With vacation season on the horizon, Claremont residents might be eager to break out the recreational vehicle from cold storage. However, they are reminded about a few rules that could get them in trouble with the city if they’re not careful.

Temporary parking for recreational vehicles such as boats, motorhomes, or toy/travel trailers, is only permitted for up to 14 days per year in the driveway of a residential property. In addition, temporary recreational vehicle parking permits are required for any vehicles stored for more than 24 hours on private property.

Also, for safety reasons, vehicles cannot obstruct or overhang onto public sidewalks and streets, and cannot be used for habitation at any time.

Recreational vehicles parked on public streets require an overnight parking permit, which can be obtained by contacting the community improvement division at (909) 399-5467 or by contacting the Claremont Police Department at (909) 399-5411.

Visit to learn about other ways of acquiring an overnight parking exemption permit or for information about overnight parking in Claremont.


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