Residential reminders: school resource officer, alley etiquette

Update on school resource officer

Last week, the city shared online that members of the school resource officer working group have been meeting regularly to form a recommendation for city council regarding the SRO position in CUSD schools.

The working group is said to be “collaborating with staff from CUSD to understand the staffing and resources that CUSD currently has in place to address school safety and student mental health needs.” The notice said a staff report containing the group’s recommendation is anticipated to reach the Claremont City Council in September.

Alley easement reminder

The City of Claremont reminds residents living next to alleys or public easements to keep them clear of low-hanging trees and overhanging vegetation.

“Clear pathways make it easier for city staff to navigate the easements and for the city’s service vehicles to navigate the alleys as they provide service to the neighborhoods,” the city’s online post read. “Maintaining the alleys and easements also eliminates unsafe and unsightly conditions.”

Residents who have overhanging private trees or vegetation are asked by the city to “trim or raise any tree branches to allow at least 14 feet of overhead clearance” and “trim back all vegetation to the property line.”

Residents are also asked to remove and dispose of any weeds, leaves, debris, or plant growth, and to perform routine inspections and maintenance.

The city also reminded alley-adjacent residents to please ensure all automated waste containers are stored on private property on non-scheduled service days.

For more information, contact the community improvement division at (909) 399-5499.


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