Need parking permit for the Wilderness Park? Passes are now available

Hikers can now claim their 2014 parking permits for the Claremont Wilderness Park.

Passes are available at both city hall and the Hughes Center. Before stopping by, fill out a permit application, available on the city website, and bright it with you. For those living outside the city of Claremont, passes may be renewed each calendar year and are pro-rated.  The cost of an annual parking permit is $100 until April 1. From April 1 to July 1, passes cost $75. From July 1 to October 1, the cost is $50. After October 1 until the New Year, passes are $25.

Claremont residents may receive two free resident permits per household. To obtain a resident permit, Claremont citizens must fill out an application and show proof of residency. An acceptable proof of residency may be a vehicle registration, utility bill, car insurance policy, lease agreement or driver’s license. Resident passes are valid until December 31, 2015.


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