City devises an artful plan

The city of Claremont, known not only for its trees but also for its art, is making plans to build upon its aesthetic with the creation of a $50,000 public art master plan.


Claremont residents and stakeholders gathered at the Hughes Center late last month to review a 72-page document outlining ideas for community art displays and providing a framework for how public art is selected.


A community art program and art ordinance were first adopted by the city in 1997 in an attempt to enhance Claremont’s aesthetics and cultural quality, according to Melissa Vollaro, community and human services manager. Public Art Coordinator Francine Baker was hired to carry out the various elements of the art program, which includes tracking the city’s public art inventory, rotating art exhibits and art installations.  

In August 2012, the Claremont City Council approved the hire of Gail M. Goldman Associates, LLC in order to update the city’s community art program and adopt a public art master plan to more clearly define the process of selecting public art.


“It helps us take a look at public art as an overall picture and not on an individual case by case basis,” Ms. Vollaro said. “Because we have so much public art in the city of Claremont and a desire for more, a master plan is needed to give us a clear direction of what the process is and who administers and who oversees it.”


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