Phone company upgrades network to keep pace with increasing demand

AT&T is conducting major network upgrades in Claremont as part of a $450 million investment in network improvements throughout Los Angeles County.

The improvements are expected to give Claremont more ability to handle a growing volume of calls, video, Internet and other data.

“We’ve seen an astounding 8,000 percent increase in data traffic in the last 4 years.  This has been our call to action to keep pace and stay ahead of customer demand,” said Andy Shibley, vice president and general manager, Greater Los Angeles Region.  “To ensure this, we’re adding new cell sites, enhancing in-building coverage, increasing data speeds and, most importantly, servicing and tuning our network…all to improve our customer’s experience.”

Changes include deploying 4G to its mobile broadband. The upgrade will allow speeds of up to 4 times faster than ordinary mobile broadband, enhancing the experience for customers and businesses who use the Internet or data-heavy applications on tablets, mobile devices or smartphones.

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