Drucker’s legacy continues with short documentary film

From the pages of Mein Kampf to the everyday tasks of ordinary people, anything can inspire a legacy. For local Claremont filmmaker Karen McMillen and the Claremont Graduate University, Peter Drucker has left an indelible mark.

Mr. Drucker, who died in 2005 at the age of 95, contributed to the world of management and is credited with building the foundations of the modern corporation. By sharing his life on film, Ms. McMillen has left her own mark and was recently recognized with a bronze Telly in history and biography for her short film, “Peter Drucker: An Enduring Legacy.”

“We wanted to produce a video to show at our orientations so that new students would have a greater understanding of Peter’s life and his legacy,” administrative dean Leslie Negritto said.

Originally, Joseph Maciariello, professor of social science and management, would share his stories of working with Mr. Drucker to incoming students. He was mentored by the school’s namesake and assisted in the writing and editing of some of Mr. Drucker’s works. When Mr. Maciariello retired last summer, the need for a new way to share the Drucker legacy was needed to keep the story going.

For the Drucker documentary, Ms. Negritto gave a list of possible people to interview, the basic message they wanted the video to have and allowed Ms. McMillen to take it from there. The pair worked closely on several short videos that are featured on the Drucker YouTube channel.

“She is very creative, I don’t need to spell everything out for her. She understands the mission for the school and what we’re trying to portray and she can run with that and design it in any way and it comes out great,” Ms. Negritto said.


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