Litigation continues as fight for water acquisition moves forward

The Claremont City Council unanimously approved the use of $150,000 of the city’s unassigned General Fund money for its defense against Golden State Water.

The water company filed a lawsuit against the city of Claremont in December, alleging the city has not complied with the California Public Records act, which declares all public records in the state of California to be open and available to anyone. Golden State executives claim the city has not been compliant or transparent as claimed. Locals Jim Belna and Ludd Trozpek agreed the city should be more open with its documents and where it stands in the matter of the acquisition.

“More transparency is a lot better than less,” Mr. Trozpek.

City officials advocate they have the right to refuse disclosure because of claimed attorney-client and work product privileges as well as allowed exemptions in the California Public Records Act.  While emphasizing they have been as transparent as possible throughout the process, keeping the document private is believed to be key to their acquisition case.

“I see no other alternative in this situation unless the city were willing to completely jeopardize its position in this acquisition,” said City Attorney Sonia Carvalho.

—Beth Hartnett


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