City reviews new organizational plans in key departments

Claremont officials are looking to conduct another department reorganization. The Claremont City Council on Tuesday will evaluate the possibility of separating the Community and Human Services nearly three years after the departments merged. The discussion takes place at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 225 W. Second St.

According to the city’s proposal, the recommendation to separate community and human services is based on the evaluation of four factors: the strain of one director for both departments, the geographic separation of both offices, the difference between their functions and the expertise to adequately staff both distinct divisions. Staff argues the human services department is much more focused on front-end consumer interaction while community services centers itself on tasks like fixing downed water or power lines.

City staff recommends a human services director be added to the list of city employees with a projected salary and benefits package of $205,160. In the meantime, it’s being recommended the city hire an interim director to the tune of $60,000 of unassigned General Fund money.

In addition to reviewing the restructure of the community and human services department, the council will be tasked with appointing a new Mayor. Opanyi Nasiali has served as the council’s figurehead for the past year. He will likely be passing the baton on to Mayor Pro Tem Joe Lyons. It would be Mr. Lyon’s first time serving as the city’s mayor. To view the full agenda for Tuesday’s council meeting, visit

—Beth Hartnett


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