Claremont’s changing of the guard

A new face will grace the center of the Claremont City Council dais for 2014-2015. Former Claremont Mayor Opanyi Nasiali passed the torch on Tuesday night to Joe Lyons, who was chosen by his fellow councilmembers.

It was a night of firsts for the Claremont assembly, with the council’s unanimous vote, Mr. Lyons embarks on his first-ever term as city mayor. The council member was first elected to his post in March 2011. The newly-selected Mayor Pro Tem Corey Calaycay also pointed out it marks the first time the city of Claremont has a council comprised of current and former mayors.

Claremont mayors are not elected by the public as in other cities but, instead, are ceremoniously selected by the sitting council. Claremont mayors typically choose a pet project, such as Mr. Nasiali’s effort to increase ties between schools and city hall or community-wide bicycling for Sam Pedroza.

Despite the new milestones, Mr. Lyons emphasized that his and the council’s mission remains the same as the city looks forward to tackling big budget projects like the Foothill Boulevard, Claremont Hills Wilderness Park and public art master plans, as well as the council’s intention to acquire the city’s water system.

“The citizens of Claremont have never had a more dedicated group of individuals than the five individuals that represent you,” Mr. Lyons said. “I hope to continue that tradition. The next four years are going to be extremely full of activities and I look forward to continuing to working towards doing the best for all Claremonters and I know I can expect my colleagues to do the same.”


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