CHS golf gets big win against talented Damien team

The afternoon elements remained consistent on the course for Claremont High boys golf team. The sun started to peek through the clouds, the deer moved toward the trees and wind gusts came accordingly during the Tuesday match at Marshall Canyon.

But all this did not stop CHS from hitting just enough precise strokes to win against Damien High, 235-240, while managing to get four players under 40 strokes, according to head coach Terrance Lynch. He said it was great victory against an evenly-matched opponent, since they are tied for second in the Sierra League.

“(This match) It’s the best round of the year,” Lynch said. “Having a decisive victory like this is pretty good.”

The four players who went under 40 were senior Ben Whitham, 35, senior Caleb Chodosh, 36, senior Avery Hernandez, 38, and junior Jonathan Yoo, 39.

The first three holes tamed as the majority or results were in par—Chodosh received a birdie in the first hole—but holes four through six were a challenge. Sophomore Matt Stanford started well with a long drive on the fourth hole.

For his next shot, the ball landed in a finger-deep divot that was covered by thick grass, like a rug covering a trap. He made a double-bogey and ended with an overall score of 42.

“It just comes down to the point that every shot goes,” Stanford said. “Reading the green was extremely important to get further in the game.”

Yoo and Chodosh had stayed consistently on the fifth hole when Yoo struck his ball in a high arch to land on the green. Chodosh made a straight shot to hit the edge of the green, but still within range of the cup.

Then it was simply a matter of which golfer would read the green best. Yoo, Chodosh and Spartan’s Nate Clark and Jordan DeuaGiustina crouched down at the green, looking at every angle and measuring the wind to make the perfect punt.

Chodosh was able to sink his putt, while Yoo make it in two.

“We discussed making breaks (putts) before, Yoo said. You have to play enough breaks, otherwise there is zero chance of getting in.”

The sixth hole was a nail-biter with Hernandez and junior Andrew Im competing against Spartan’s Mike Murphy and Andres Quitero. After Quitero made a solid putt, Im responded by sinking a 15-footer, earning him par.

“After the drive I knew I didn’t have a shot so I had to dig in,” Hernandez said.  “It was pretty easy keeping up so after I received a bogie, I knew it wasn’t anything to freak out over.”

But the seventh hole became a huge challenge. Even though Im made a perfect wedge shot over the hill and Hernandez was within 15 feet of the hole, their next shots were left short, causing them both to earn bogies, with the Spartans earning par.

In the end, the Wolfpack was able to sneak by a team with skills matching their talent at every turn.

They are now preparing to compete against Wilson High School at 3 p.m. on April 15 at Marshall Canyon.


CHS softball hopes to up play in second half of season

Claremont’s softball team has been making preparations to raise their game as the league opener approaches against Ayala High, April 16.

Within an overall record at 6-6-1, the Wolfpack has been trying to figure out ways to remain consistent for the second half of the season. For the last five games they are 2-2-1, and are definitely looking to improve. CHS was dominant in their games against Glendora and Walnut, trouncing them with shutout victories 8-0 and 10-0.  But after a tie against Burroughs High, Warren and Charter Oak beat them 13-2 and 12-0.

“We have been changing things to see where we are,” head coach Vincent Hernandez said. “This is just preseason. I have been coach for seven years. Although we were strong before, we’re stronger now.”

The main obstacle is dominant pitching, according to Coach Hernandez. Senior Melanie Lauer is injured and the time she’ll return is unknown. The other pitchers have had issues practicing due to academics or other mandatory school activities. But time will tell as the players get more experience.

Wolfpack supporters will soon see how much confidence they will have when their league games begin.

“Right now, the most important thing is for them to believe in themselves,” Hernandez said.

—Alex Forbess


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