CHS softball slips up against slugging South Hills

The South Hills Huskies kept making runs and hits but the Lady Wolfpack’s only pitcher, junior Chloe Amarilla, still attempted to stop them Wednesday at South Hills High School.

With no back-up pitcher available to help Amarilla, the Huskies took advantage and ended the game at the bottom of the fifth inning, winning 15-4. Head coach Vincent Hernandez said their other pitcher, Rosalie Keirns, was unable to attend because of schedule conflicts with her drama class.

Hernandez gave Amarilla much appreciation for remaining active in the entire game.

“You have to give her credit,” Hernandez said. “We were hurting but she knew she had to keep pitching.”

Hernandez also said another problem that resulted was CHS was out of the game early. After they gained the lead at the top of the third inning, their defense was unable to stop the Huskies’ surge as they earned eight runs at the bottom of the inning for an 8-2 score.

There were some moments in the second inning that startled the Huskies. It started with a successful bunt by senior outfielder Alexis Solis, who went on the third base after a Huskies error.

Amarilla scored their first run and continued to put more players on base. However, the Huskies managed to stop the rally by catching a pop fly from senior outfielder Melanie Lauer to end the inning.

Then it was the Lady Wolfpack’s chance to shut down the Huskies’ offense. Instantly, the ball was hit directly to senior shortstop Anise Avalos and she made a double-play, which helped close the second inning, 1-0.

“When that happens, I don’t usually think about it,” Avalos said. “It’s just muscle memory.”

Right when the third inning began, sophomore outfielder Camryn Texeira’s responded quick in the first pitch and hit a single-homerun, 2-0. Fans cheered as the CHS seemed to have the game in control.

“I had a hard drive,” Texeira said. “I just took the opportunity and it worked.”

Even after the Huskies’ surge, Texeira responded at the top of the fourth and made a solid hit in center field, earning two runs making it 8-4. However, the Lady Wolfpack was not able to put more dents on the Huskies’ defense.

“We should have been smarter in the box (at bat),” Avalos said. Huskie Natalie Lugo made nine strikeouts and her ERA was 2.80.

The Huskies scored another seven runs at the bottom of the fourth making it 15-4, due to timely hitting and walks.

Hernandez said the Lady Wolfpack should be able to have more assistance pitching in their next away game at 3:30 p.m., Friday, against St. Lucy’s Priory High School. Claremont’s overall record is 6-13-1 and 0-7 in the Sierra League.

Strong play has CHS volleyball eyeing the postseason

The Wolfpack won three sets in their home match against Hoover High School Tuesday, April 29. Head coach Bernie Wendling said the play started out sloppy, but his team was still able to earn the big win.

The set results were 25-23, 25-18 and 25-15. Strong performances included junior Donovan Robinson’s 16 kills and senior Rory Medermott’s 28 assists.

Senior Eran Bechor finished the game with eight kills. Wendling said if they win in their away match against Arcadia High School, Thursday at 5 p.m., the Wolfpack will qualify for postseason play.

“We’re hanging in there and we’re hoping to make it to playoffs,” Wendling said.

The Wolfpack’s overall record is 12-11 and their league record is 6-4.

CHS baseball gets trounced by hard-hitting Chino Hills

Claremont’s baseball team lost in a shutout, 17-0, in their home game Wednesday against Chino Hills High School.

The Huskies took control of the game in the second inning, 7-0, and never stopped hitting, according to athletic director Rick Dutton.

Geoff Ranney received notice last Sunday he would no longer be coaching for CHS. He said an interim coach, Ryan Roberts, was put in his place and a new coach is still being determined.

The Wolfpack will face the Huskies in their next away game at 3:30 p.m., Friday, at Chino Hills High School. Claremont’s record is 3-20 overall and 2-7 in the Sierra League.

Their final league game will be against Charter Oak High School. The Wolfpack will first face them at Charter Oak, May 13, then at Claremont, May 15.

—Alex Forbess


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