City prepares for street slurry project in northwest Claremont

Construction work for a slurry seal project in the northwest portion of the city is scheduled for mid-summer and consists of removing and replacing damaged asphalt and concrete sections of streets north of Foothill Boulevard and south of Base Line Road, between Towne Avenue and the westerly city limit.

The contractor began the project on Monday, May 5, which includes placing signage, setting up a staging area, posting temporary no parking signs for the following week’s work, marking out areas for scheduled removals and saw-cutting those marked-out areas.

The actual removal and replacement of asphalt and concrete is tentatively scheduled to start on Monday, May 12 and is anticipated to be completed by early July. All residents within the project boundaries will receive notification prior to the start of construction. Questions regarding the construction may be directed to the city’s Engineering Division at (909) 399-5465.


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