Who are you thankful for? We’d like to know

Our friends at Mt. San Antonio Gardens recently published an interesting special section in their monthly newsletter, The Green Leaf.  They asked their residents a simple question, “Who are you thankful for?”  We hear a lot about “what” people are thankful for during the holidays, but less about “who” we’re thankful for.  

In this vein, we’re asking readers to submit a 300-word story about an influential person in their life. Did a childhood teacher or athletic coach make a positive impact on your life?  Perhaps it was a pastor or rabbi who offered special words of wisdom. Oftentimes, it’s a brother or sister who shares in our triumphs and setbacks.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 21. We’ll use as many as possible for our upcoming special, The Holiday Mag, which will go out the Friday after Thanksgiving. Please email submissions to Kathryn Dunn at editor@claremont-courier. Feel free to include a photo with your essay. If room permits, we’ll publish a few along with the entries.

It’s been said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Thanks, in advance, to The Gardens for allowing us to borrow some inspiration.

—Kathryn Dunn



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