Evey Canyon parking lots prime target for thieves

Bring back the “fanny pack!” Evey Canyon hikers beware—vehicles parked at Evey Canyon and Mt. Baldy Road continue to be targeted by thieves looking for an easy mark. On Monday, January 5 at least three cars, including a Hyundai, Honda, and Scion were broken into between 3 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Two of the vehicles had the windows smashed by an unknown object with thieves taking each of the victims’ purses. One purse, containing $500 cash, prescription medication and gift cards, was stolen from the trunk. A second purse, also containing $500 cash, was stolen from the backseat. The third vehicle, a Scion, was left unlocked at a turnout near the location, making it especially easy for creeps to steal the victim’s purse that was left on the driver’s side floorboard. The unknown suspects fled undetected.

The COURIER is publishing this police blotter item separately as a public service for our readers. These parking areas along Mt. Baldy Road are targeted on a regular basis, any time of day, and usually involve distruction of property in addition to burglary.


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