Inter Valley Health Plan launches Bee Happy Project with classes for older adults

Committed to enhancing the mind, body and spirit of the older adult community in Claremont, Inter Valley Health Plan, a nonprofit Medicare Advantage Health Plan based in the Inland Empire launched its Bee Happy project. As part of its For Health and Living program, Bee Happy is an initiative that offers educational tools and resources to be and stay happy.

A two-part event is scheduled in Claremont on Thursday, January 22 and Thursday, January 29 at 10 a.m. at the Pomona Valley Health Center Building, 1601 Monte Vista Ave., Suite 275, Claremont.

 “Many significant life changes come with getting older and often times those changes may bring moments of sadness or even depression,” Cyndie O’Brien, vice president of member services, Inter Valley Health Plan and creator of the Bee Happy program, said. “As a health plan serving older adults in the Southern Calif. area for more than 35 years, we want to ensure happiness is part of their everyday lives so they live and continue to live a life full of vitality—the cornerstone of what Inter Valley was built upon.”

Bee Happy—The Happiness Project is a series of new free classes where local residents in the next chapter of their lives can explore the benefits of happiness and learn how to incorporate more happiness into their lives. Each class offers tools to sustain happiness and for those suffering from the blues, ways to change their outlook in order to experience joy and share it with others.

RSVP is required for to events. To register, call (800) 251-8191 ext. 625 or visit

A Bee Happy series of classes will be offered throughout the year. Classes will focus on movie screenings that evoke happiness, learning ways to keep your heart happy and healthy and how to become more involved socially.


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