City embarks on winter pruning, tree-planting program

The city’s contractor will be pruning shrubs and plants in the Village right-of-ways this month. Pruning dead foliage will improve plant health and control plant size where space is limited. Pruning in the winter helps ensure that plants produce healthy leaves and flowers in the spring. Plants may look distressed for about a month after pruning, but should improve rapidly after that, according to the city manager’s report.

The urban forest and mature tree canopy are one of Claremont’s defining features and part of the community’s heritage. Mature trees provide environmental benefits and have been shown to increase home values. In order to maintain a vibrant urban forest, the city conducts an annual reforestation program to plant new trees throughout the community. This year, the city has a budget to plant 300 trees.

In an effort to ensure that the urban forest maintains a healthy and consistent tree canopy, the city council recently directed staff to implement a mandatory planting program. Trees will be planted throughout the community and residents no longer have the option to decline a tree.

The city recently adopted an updated Designated Street Tree List, which provides a wider variety of species options for each street. A city arborist has reviewed planting sites and has determined which designated species are appropriate for each location.

Whenever possible, residents will be provided with options and may select the species to be planted in front of their home from an approved tree list. The city will provide water bags to help residents water their newly-planted trees, along with care instructions.

For information, review the Tree Policies and Guidelines Manual on the city website at or contact the Community Services Department at (909) 399-5431.


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