New, yet familiar, Claremont City Council takes oath

It was a night of handshakes, applause and well wishes for Claremont’s City Council members, as they reorganized the dais like a game of musical chairs following new appointments.

Council members Joe Lyons, Opanyi Nasiali and Sam Pedroza, stood before a full crowd in Claremont council chambers Tuesday night and took the oath of office from their loved ones as they begin to serve another four consecutive years with the city.

Mr. Lyons, who served as the city’s mayor for the past year, bid farewell to the position, thanking his beloved life partner Sharyn Webb, city staff and council colleagues before offering his heartfelt gratitude to the citizens of the city.

“Collectively, I want to recognize the effort of all our residents who contribute the sense of community as the core value of our city and the reason Claremont is a place people call and want to call home…Thank you for the privilege to serve as your city councilperson over the last four years and to continue serving for the next four, and especially for the honor to hold the title as mayor for the last year. It has been a pleasure beyond what words can capture. Thank you all.”

As Mr. Lyons stepped down from his mayorial position, Corey Calaycay stepped into his role as the 37th mayor in the city of Claremont, his second appointment since serving on city council. Recognized early in the evening for his 10 years of service to the city, Mayor Calaycay was sworn into office by former State Assemblyman Bob Pacheco and made but one promise to Claremont residents.

“I’m going to commit to not oversleeping on Fourth of July this year. I will set every alarm I have,” Mr. Calaycay joked in reference to missing the Independence Day flag raising in 2009. “I will not relive that experience. I have to redeem myself,” he quipped.

Serving alongside Mayor Calaycay will be Mayor Pro Tem Sam Pedroza, who was nominated for the position by his colleagues.

Larry Schroeder, the only council member not sworn in during the meeting as he still has two years remaining on his term, still had cause for celebration. It was his 66th birthday.

And with a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ at the mayor’s request, the gavel was dropped and the meeting was adjourned.

—Angela Bailey


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