Laemmle to screen ‘The Hunting Ground,’ with Q & A

The Hunting Ground will open at the Claremont Laemmle, 450 W. Second Street, today, Friday, March 20. On Saturday, March 21, the Laemmle will host a special 7:10 p.m. screening to be followed by a Q&A with film subjects Caroline Heldman and Kamilah Willingham

From the Academy Award-nominated filmmaking team behind The Invisible War comes a startling exposé of sexual assault on US campuses and the brutal social toll on victims and their families. The Hunting Ground is the latest feature film from Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, and explores the epidemic of violence and institutional cover-ups sweeping college campuses across America.

Using vérité footage, expert insights, first-person testimonies and interviews, the film delivers a devastating indictment of campus “rape culture.”

The filmmakers seek to uncover an effort on the part of universities and colleges to downplay and deny sexual assaults on their campuses to keep crime statistics low and public approval high. They follow two survivors, Andrea Pino and Annie Clark, who are striking back with an innovative legal strategy that uses Title IX legislation to make the powers that be take notice, ignite a national debate over campus assaults and create a network of support for young women who refuse to remain silent.

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