On the hunt at Memorial Park

Celebrating spring each year means different things, to different people. For many families in Claremont, Saturday meant making that annual trip with the kids to Memorial Park for a potpourri of fun sponsored by the Rotary Club of Claremont.

During the morning hours the park turned into a mini-carnival that included arts and crafts, a petting zoo, pancake breakfast (with the help of that other club from Kiwanis), magic show, and of course the big event…the Easter egg hunt! Judging from the long lines for all the venues, this party was more popular than ever.

By 1030 a.m., crowds had circled the egg hunting grounds taped off for different age groups. You could tell from the looks of the kids, and especially the faces of the parents, this was serious business. With the help of Claremont’s Rotarians and city staff, thousands of eggs were gently nestled in the tall grass ready to be plucked for the taking.

After all the hard work and planning, master of ceremonies Ron Coleman got the event going as hundreds of kids ran towards the eggs filled with candy and other goodies. The volunteers quickly made their way out of hunting area and behind the tape to safety (never underestimate a 3-year-old hungry for candy.) Within minutes, the eggs were gone, with not even one left on the ground.

This marked the end to yet another successful spring celebration in Claremont.

See our video of the mad rush for Easter eggs at Memorial Park.


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