Construction begins on new residence hall at Scripps College

Scripps College is beginning construction on a new residence hall, located at the southwest corner of Mills Avenue and Platt Boulevard.

The two and three-story building has a floor area of 38,500 square feet, and a capacity of 110 beds. The building is needed to reduce crowding in existing student residence halls and accommodate existing students currently housed in off-campus facilities.

The Spanish-style building is composed of a series of courtyards, arched colonnades, and perimeter garden walls placed close to the sidewalk. It is designed to match the style of other dormitory buildings located on the historic Scripps College campus.

Architectural details include a clay tile roof, wood windows, copper gutters, precast concrete columns, and ornate Spanish and Moroccan detailing in a style similar to the original Gordon Kaufmann designed campus buildings.

The site for the building was previously occupied by a small maintenance building, equipment storage yard, and associated parking lot. There will be a loss of existing parking due to the project, however, Scripps College will continue to have a surplus of parking spaces due to the recent construction of a parking structure below the adjacent athletic field.


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