Humid Claremont weather will remain until end of week

Prayers for rain were answered this weekend as the sky opened up and released a record amount of July rainfall throughout Southern California. The City of Trees and neighboring communities received some welcomed relief from the ongoing drought, and set a few records in the process.

Downtown Los Angeles picked up 0.38 over the weekend, breaking the July full-month record of 0.24 inch from July 1-31, 1886. Los Angeles International Airport saw 0.35 inch of rain, tying the record for all of July set in 1992.

“It looks like there’s a good chance the monthly record is going to go up,” Forecaster Joe Sirard of the National Weather Service told the Associated Press, noting the potential for more rain in downtown Los Angeles. “Really, this is super historic.”

Claremonters, too, benefitted from the widespread showers fueled by remnants of former Hurricane Dolores.

According to the National Weather Service, the City of Trees received a total of 0.93 inches of rain over the same 48 hour time period. It was a welcomed drink of water for parched lawns, plants and trees that are showing signs of stress caused by the ongoing drought and government sanctioned water restrictions.

In addition to the city-imposed two-day a week watering schedule alternating watering days between even and odd numbered addresses, the State Water Resources Control Board issued a ban on watering outdoor landscapes with potable water during and within 48 hours of a measurable rainfall.

Due to the rain this weekend, those city-imposed watering schedules will be affected.

Residents with addresses ending in even numbers  are scheduled to water on Monday and Thursday. However, Golden State Water Company advises that due to the weekend downpour, residents are to only water their lawns and landscaping on Thursday this week.

Addresses ending in odd numbers  will continue with their Tuesday and Friday schedule with no change.

While restrictions on watering days and times do not apply to residents who hand water or use drip irrigation, Golden State Water advises those residents to refrain from watering for 48 hours as well.

And given the forecast, the watering schedule could be extended another day.

The National Weather Service says more typical July weather returning to the southland later in the week.

For more information on Claremont’s drought and water restrictions, visits the city’s website at

—Angela Bailey


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