Free birthday breakfast leads to arrest for Pomona woman

It was a birthday to remember for one Pomona gal who went to Denny’s for her free Grand Slam and ended up in the Claremont slammer. Marlo Aguilar celebrated her big day with a meal at Denny’s and then walked out of the restaurant without paying her $20.09 tab. At approximately 1:09 p.m., police were called to the scene and found Ms. Aguilar nearby where she admitted to her crime of defrauding the restaurant. The 44-year-old Leo told police she thought she was receiving a free meal on her birthday and was confused when the waitress handed her the bill. Denny’s staff confirmed she did receive a free meal, but ordered an additional $20 in food. Although Denny’s declined to prosecute the birthday girl, she wasn’t out of the woods just yet. A records check by CPD revealed Ms. Aguilar had an outstanding warrant and was placed under arrest.

See our complete police blotter coverage in our Friday edition.


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