CUC adds $1 million to help fund new police station

The Claremont University Consortium made a commitment to donate $1 million on Saturday, September 18 toward the possible construction of a new police station.

The donation hinges on the passing of Measure PS, which allocates $50 million toward building a new station for the Claremont Police Department.

The city council, as well as the CPD, has heavily lobbied in favor of the measure, claiming the department needs a new headquarters to properly accommodate a growing and modernizing force.

“The new public safety facility will benefit the entire Claremont community,” Claremont University Consortium CEO Stig Lanesskog told the COURIER via email. “Because the Claremont Colleges are part of that community, and as part of our long-standing partnership with the city and the Claremont Police Department, contributing to this important project is the right thing to do.”

The donation from the consortium would go directly toward the $50 million price tag of the police station should the measure pass, according to Claremont Public Information Officer Bevin Handel. That means the original $286 per year parcel tax levied on Claremont property owners to pay for the police station project will become a slightly smaller amount.

Mayor Corey Calaycay praised the donation from the CUC as a step in the right direction.

“I am very appreciative they stepped up to the plate to show that there is a need for a new public safety facility,” Mr. Calaycay said.

Critics of the measure have argued the donation from the consortium amounts to nothing more than a goodwill gesture from an entity that is exempt from paying property taxes.

“In that light, making a $1 million voluntary contribution to their $1.2 million 40-year parcel tax bill on 100 properties looks like a smart business decision,” opponents to Measure PS wrote on the website

The Colleges have been considerably helped by the CPD in the past. According to the city’s 2014 crime report, a total of 196 property thefts were committed within the Colleges. This was a noticeable spike in incidents compared to 2013, which saw 140 property thefts, the COURIER previously reported.

Claremont is set to vote on Measure PS during elections on November 3. The measure requires a two-thirds supermajority in order to pass.

—Matthew Bramlett


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