City needs to plug key position left with McNeil’s departure

Community and Human Services Director Michele McNeill announced her resignation with the city of Claremont. Her last day is set for Thursday.

Ms. McNeill’s resignation came just 154 days after former City Manager Jeff Parker announced her appointment with the city of Claremont.  Ms. McNeill stepped into her position in September as the first director to head the newly merged Community and Human Services Department, which was merged after the resignation of Mercy Santoro last June.

“She came in and really brought a professionalism to her task and a presence that exuded confidence in both her abilities and in the city’s and department’s anticipated growth,” said Councilmember Joe Lyons. “Though she has only been here a short time, she has left her mark.”

Ms. McNeil leaves her Claremont position to prepare for her upcoming marriage. Though she prefers to keep the details private, Ms. McNeill shared she is will be leaving California and, for the first time in many years, focusing on her personal life.

“I’ve chosen to follow my heart,” she said. “ I have spent my entire adult life following my career and it will be nice to explore another area of my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my life with someone.”

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