Young couple injured in fight, both get arrested

On Sunday, October 18 a young couple got into a frightening fight in front of the BC Cafe in the middle of brunch hour. When officers arrived at approximately 12:30 p.m., they found 23-year-old Kaitlyn Elias of Upland and 27-year-old Trever Telvelde of Ontario with multiple wounds. Ms. Elias told the officers that Mr. Telvelde punched her in the face and grabbed her vaginal area, while Mr. Telvelde claimed Ms. Elias punched, scratched and slapped him, causing numerous lacerations and a small contusion on his forehead. Officers determined that both Ms. Elias and Mr. Telvelde were simultaneously suspects and victims, and arrested both for assault on a spouse and battery on a non-cohabitating spouse. Both were booked at CPD jail and held for bail/court.

Be sure to see our entire police blotter coverage on Friday.


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