Local toy store is a ‘Boon’ to holiday shoppers

If there’s anything girls and boys want for the holidays, it’s toys.

Serving as local headquarters for the playful at heart is Boon Companion, now in its second Christmas under new ownership.

The shop is teeming with items for every taste. Do you know any “My Little Pony” fans? You can get giant plush ponies, with soft tails you can brush, for $26.95.

If you’d like to invest in the future of pedestrian travel, you can pick up the Monster Wheel Smart Balance Scooter for $499.99. If the price sounds a bit over-the-top, so are the capabilities of this gadget, which owner John Peltekci is having trouble keeping in stock.

Mr. Peltekci took a moment to demonstrate the mini-vehicle, which is similar to a Segway but cheaper and more streamlined. It takes about an hour to master the Monster Wheel, he shares.

Once you’ve done this, you are able to zip around town at rates of six to eight miles per hour, moving in every possible direction and uphill and downhill with a simple shift of weight. You can go for three to five hours on a full charge; it takes about an hour and a half to charge it.

People with younger children and a less robust budget may opt instead for the PlasmaCar ride-on vehicle. No charging or battery is needed for this $70 item; it’s powered by centrifugal force, friction and gravity. You just need to turn the handle to zoom around the house or driveway on a PlasmaCar, which comes in every color of the rainbow. 

The video game Minecraft and its associated figures are still hot. Boon Companion stocks a Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case to stock with teeny creepers, zombies, animals and humans—all with that trademark pixelated look.

We’ve known for some time that LEGOS, which Boon Companion has in spades, isn’t just for boys. The shop is crammed with girl-friendly building blocks including the new LEGO Elves series. Your favorite little lady will enjoy building treehouses and castles for her magical friends 

With the release of the latest Star Wars movie on December 18, any toys associated with the George Lucas franchise are popular right now. Some of the choicest items at the local toy store include a Death Star planetarium where kids channeling the dark side can project a galaxy of stars on their ceilings. And there’s a large inflatable R2D2 that is remote control, for any one interested in having a friendly, dome-shaped droid navigating their home.

Mr. Peltekci, whose family owns the Puzzle Zoo chain of shops in places like Santa Monica, has been delighted by the reception Boon Companion continues to receive. He invites anyone toying with their Christmas shopping to come browse.

“We’ve got older customers who are definitely loyal, and we’re still continuing to add new customers from places like Rancho and Ontario,” he said.

Boon Companion is located at 145 N. Harvard Ave. in Claremont. For information, call (909) 625-1993


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