One arrest at gas station leads to another arrest of 13-year-old

On Friday, December 4 an arrest in front of a gas station turned into something larger early Friday morning. Claremont officers initially made contact with a man and a woman in front of the AM/PM on the 700 block of East Foothill Boulevard close to 1 a.m. The man identified himself to officers as “James Hunt” and, during a check of his bag, an opium pipe was found as well as burglary tools. The woman initially gave a name to officers and was allowed to leave. As Mr. Hunt was being taken into custody, he revealed his true identity as Adam Russell, a 20-year-old local transient who had a felony no-bail warrant on his record.

While Mr. Russell was getting booked, he twisted the fingers of the arresting officer, resulting in other officers wrestling him to the ground. Based on the information Mr. Russell had given them, officers located the woman again at the Starbucks on the 600 block of Foothill. When police found her, they determined she was actually a 13-year-old runaway from La Verne. She was also exhibiting signs of drug intoxication and was in possession of a dagger. The juvenile was arrested and released to the Department of Child and Family Services. Mr. Russell is being charged with obstruction, resisting arrest, giving false a ID to an officer and assault on an officer.

Be sure to check out our entire police blotter Friday.


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