Committee to review ideas for new police station

At the end of the Claremont city council meeting, Mayor Corey Calaycay formally announced the creation of a new ad hoc committee that would oversee plans for a new police station. The committee, created after the failure of Measure PS at the polls last month, will contain both supporters and detractors of the measure.

The committee members are Frank Bedoya, Jack Blair, Gar Byrum, Betty Crocker, Helaine Goldwater, Carolyn Gonzales, Hal Hargrave, Marcia Horowitz, Jim Keith, Stig Lanneskog, Sally Seven, Michael Shea, Mark Sterba, Jess Swick and Paul Wheeler, with Mr. Calaycay and Police Commission Chair Ed Reece serving as ex-officio members.

Mr. Bedoya and Ms. Crocker were prominent members of the Yes on PS campaign, while Mr. Shea was the chief architect of the proposed police station. Mr. Sterba and Ms. Seven were vocal opponents of the measure, and Mr. Lanneskog is the CEO of the Claremont University Consortium.

The council will not meet for the rest of the year. The December 22 meeting was ceremoniously canceled for the Christmas holiday.


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