Bicyclist airlifted to hospital after hitting parked car

A man on a bicycle was airlifted to the hospital Wednesday afternoon after crashing into a parked car.

The accident occurred at approximately 1:12 p.m. on Foothill Boulevard in front of Armstrong Garden Center, according to Lt. Aaron Fate of the Claremont Police Department.

The 44-year-old bicyclist was traveling westbound on Foothill when he hit a parked car, causing him to be ejected from the bicycle, breaking the back window of the car with his face, Lt. Fate said.

When officers and paramedics arrived, the man was “conscious and talking,” but was bleeding from the nose, had several cuts on both his face and hands, including a piece of glass stuck in one cheek.

The man was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. He was transported to Cahuilla Park, where he was airlifted to County USC Medical Center for treatment.

Matthew Bramlett


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