Claremont’s voter turnout equal to county, state average

Claremont had a 40.5 percent voter turnout at Tuesday’s presidential primary, about equal with the state average.

Of the 20,998 registered voters in Claremont, a total of 8,504 ballots were cast. 

There are 9,578 registered Democrats in town, of which 4,856 voted. Republicans in Claremont had a lower voter turnout at 2,327 of the 6,086 registered.

Of the city’s remaining 5,000 or so registered voters, the results are: 1,192 of the 4,460 No Party Preference; 73 of the 499 registered American Independents; 27 of the 143 Green Party Members; 22 of Claremont’s 126 registered Libertarians; and 7 of the city’s 106 Peace & Freedom party members.

Presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton received 3,310 votes from Claremont Democrats, the most of any candidate. Bernie Sanders trailed with 2,244. In the Republican race, 1,427 Claremonters cast their votes for Donald Trump, with John Kasich in second at 324.

In the US Senate race, residents overwhelmingly supported Kamala Harris, with 3,855 votes. Second was Loretta Sanchez, who received 1,302 votes from Claremonters.

Republican Michael Antonovich, representing the 25th District, received 2,870 Claremont votes, followed by Anothony Portantino with 2,437. The two will face off in November. Democratic Assemblymember Chris Holden of the 41st assembly district earned 4,719 votes from Claremonters. Democratic Congressmember Judy Chu received 5,158 votes.

State measures 50, which authorizes the legislature to suspend members, including without salary and benefits, passed with a 70 percent approval county-wide.

Claremont resident Debi Evans received nearly 9,500 votes, securing her position as a member of the Party County Committee, 41st Assembly.

The Democratic Party is governed by committees of citizens who are registered Democrats, from the national level down to state and community-level.

Claremonters Zephyr W. Tate-Mann, Bob Gerecke and Joseph H. Salas did not earn enough votes to qualify for one of the seven positions available in our district.

There are 4.8 million registered voters in Los Angeles County, and LA?County officials estimate there are as many as 500,000 ballots left to count. State election law gives counties 30 days to finish their canvassing of votes cast with a July 8 deadline.

—Kathryn Dunn


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