Larry Schroeder selected as Claremont’s mayor

Claremont has chosen a new mayor.

Mayor Pro Tem Larry Schroeder was unanimously selected by the Claremont City Council Tuesday night to take over for Mayor Sam Pedroza as Claremont’s mayor. Opanyi Nasiali will replace Larry Schroeder as mayor pro tem. The newly-appointed figureheads will begin their mayoral duties starting Tuesday, March 13.

Though the annual selection is normally done at the city council’s first meeting in March, a vote was taken early because of the adjournment of that council session. While Mr. Pedroza will remain mayor until March 12, an official ceremony for the 2 newcomers will not take place until the Tuesday, March 26 city council meeting.

Larry Schroeder is currently serving his first term on the Claremont City Council. He previously served as a Claremont Community Services Commissioner, a role he was appointed to in 2007. Elected to the council in 2009, Mr. Schroeder will be up for reelection next year.

While Mr. Pedroza will be stepping down as mayor, he will continue to serve the community in his duties as a Claremont City Council member.

—Beth Hartnett


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