Claremont ready to begin LED street light replacement

The city is in the process of replacing 1,079 city-owned street lights with highly-efficient LED fixtures. The new fixtures use 70 percent less energy than the current, high-pressure sodium lights, and are expected to save the city $500,000 over their 12-year life span, according to the city manager’s report.

LED street lights provide high-quality directional light that reduces ambient light pollution and improves nighttime visibility and color recognition. The city’s contractor, FSG, Inc., has so far installed LED fixtures in the southern sections of the city and is working its way north. The project should be complete in early September.

These city-owned street lights represent just under half of the total streetlights in the city, with Southern California Edison owning the remaining portion. City staff is currently negotiating with Edison to purchase the remaining lights to be retrofitted with LED bulbs.

Contact Chris Veirs or Sustainability Program Coordinator Brian Tran at (909) 399-5470 with questions about the street light retrofit project.


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