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Painting the town green

Claremont artist Jerry Owens paints a mural in the College room at the Hughes Community center on Monday. Mr. Owens said his work titled Claremont the City of Trees was an homage to the preservation of Claremont’s trees over the years. The painting was commissioned to be part of the upcoming second annual Claremont Art Showcase which runs September 7 through November 28 The exhibit will feature works by local artists Carol Abbe, Johnnie Chatman, Sumi Foley, Mary Hughes, Aleta Jacobson, Kenneth Johnson, Jacqueline Legazcue, Kathleen McCall, Rosamar McMillan, Paul Kittlaus, Jacqueline Knell, Jerry Owens, Elizabeth Preston, Mervyn Seldon, Anne Seltzer, Wendy Smith, and Jane Park Wells. COURIER photo/Steven Felschundneff

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