Unique treasures can easily been found in Claremont

As many of us know, one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season is thinking of what to get for that special Claremont bon vivant in your life.

Buying a gift card seems like cheating, and your friend could tell from a mile away that you got them that appliance last-minute from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Fortunately, the Village is rife with cute shops full of gift ideas that would impress any quirky soul. From Heirloom to DeeLux to Rio de Ojas, Claremont has you covered for thoughtful, original presents on a budget.

Tell your eccentric friend in your life that you get them and appreciate their lovable weirdness with these budget-friendly gift ideas.



Located on the corner of Indian Hill Boulevard and Second Street, Heirloom is a one-stop shop for anyone’s inner eccentric. The shop is full of books, cards, dishware and knick-knacks that will liven up any living room.

Consider a group of Star Wars drink coasters with smartly-designed depictions of characters from the beloved film series. Or maybe you can get the “Tough Cookies” cookbook, which shows you how to make cookies depicting traditional and colorful tattoo ideas.

If you want a good coffee-table warmer, the books “Hipster Animals, a Field Study” offers hilarious drawings of how members of the animal kingdom would appear if they got a pair of Warby Parkers, started a Vaporwave band and freelanced while coasting on trust-fund money.

Heirloom is located at 175 N. Indian Hill Blvd., Suite 100A. (909) 621-1125.



Maybe you want to ditch the amusing gifts this year and move toward something more edible. Claremont is blessed with specialty food shops, but nothing compares to the Cheese Cave.

In addition to the impressive assortments of cheeses and the knowledgeable staff, the Cheese Cave also has a wonderful array of fine wines, beers and other accoutrements to satisfy any friend’s epicurean palette.

The Cheese Cave is located at 325 Yale Ave. (909) 625-7560



Feed your inner geek with a gift from Claremont’s premier comic book shop. One may feel a little overwhelmed when presented with the impressive haul of comic books contained inside this tiny Village West shop. But fear not, citizen: A Shop Called Quest (a name Q-Tip would be proud of) is here to quell your comic queries.

Grab a graphic novel or two from celebrated authors such as Kate Beaton and Neil Gaiman. Or, for the monster-lover in your life, you can get a Godzilla piggy bank that will look properly menacing on your friend’s shelf.

A Shop Called Quest also has several prints that could adorn any wall in the home of the hardest culture kid, including scenes from Pulp Fiction, Akira, and My Neighbor Totoro. Print prices range from $30 to $55.

A Shop Called Quest is located at 101 N. Indian Hill Boulevard. (909) 624-1829.



The Village’s premier secondhand store is also a haven for unique gifts.

Peruse the aisles of trendy and sometimes ironic alternative fashions, such as the store’s impressive collection of ugly Christmas sweaters and vintage band tees, to find the threads that will impress your friend or family member the most. The clothes are relatively inexpensive and always in great condition, so there’s no worry of wear-and-tear.

Dee-Lux also has accessories, such as purses and sunglasses, that make it easy to look fly on the cheap. A local favorite are the novelty socks that feature cacti, bacon strips and even famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Dee-Lux is located at 224 Yale Ave. (909) 399-0721



Tucked in a lush corner of Harvard and Bonita avenues across the street from the new Shelton Park, Rio de Ojas has long been a go-to center for unique gifts that will enthrall the eccentric Claremonter. Their Dia de los Muertos and holiday collections are second-to-none in the city, and a must-have for anyone looking to decorate their home during the holiday seasons.

Rio de Ojas also has a large and eclectic collection of Mexican and Spanish-imported foods that would elevate any kitchen, including Brava Sauce to add a spicy kick to your meal.

Rio de Ojas is located at 250 Harvard Ave. (909) 624-4141

—Matthew Bramlett



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