Pomona College to demolish cottages

A green fence surrounds a group of cottages that are scheduled to be demolished this month to make way for a new museum.

The demolition is part of the plan for the upcoming Pomona College Museum of Art, which will occupy the block that also houses the historic Renwick House. Renwick will be moved across the street. 

The museum plans have come under fire since they were narrowly adopted earlier last year, and a group calling themselves Citizens to Save College Avenue filed a lawsuit against the city and Pomona College to block construction. The group filed a preliminary injunction to stop demolition of the cottages until a ruling is handed down. That injunction was denied on November 18, according to the city.

The demolition process will last throughout the month, and the barrier will come down on January 18. A second barrier that will protect the trees in the immediate area will be up until January 20.


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