Stuck truck blocks Mountain Avenue

A tractor-trailer became lodged at the entrance to Claraboya for nearly two hours, trapping residents from coming or going through the neighborhood’s only exit.

The truck became stuck at 8:15 a.m., according to Officer Rickey Hawkins of the Claremont Police Department. The 18-wheeler, which belonged to Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. and was carrying piping for construction, was backing out of a turnout at Mountain Avenue and Sage Street when a southbound car drove around the truck.

“He hit his brakes and he slid, and this is how he got stuck,” Officer Hawkins said.

The driver of the truck, who did not want to be identified, told the COURIER that he tried to avoid the speeding car.

“I could have kept going, but the car came down fast,” he said. “I had to do what was safe so I hit the brakes.”

“They certainly weren’t observing the 30 mile-per-hour speed limit,” he added.

John Gingrich, who lives on Via Sinaloa, was heading back up the hill from breakfast with friends and could not get to his wife, Jacki Gingrich.

Ms. Gingrich had to walk past the scene to her husband’s car in order to get to a physical therapy appointment.

“You just have to hope no one has an emergency up there,” she said.

Resident Jack Ferguson noticed cars backing up on Mountain Avenue and went to see what was happening. He said some of the motorists—after waiting for some time—were out of their cars and talking to each other.

“I’ve lived here 40 years and I’ve never seen it blocked like this,” he said.

Only one car was able to make it through—a small Mini Cooper driven by resident Lowell Rice.

A tow truck on the scene worked with the driver to get the truck out of the jam, which proved to be difficult due to the size of the semi and the narrow roadway. The truck was freed at around 10 a.m.

Matthew Bramlett


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