Teen audition to sing the National Anthem for the Fourth of July

Claremont High School is installing solar panels in its parking lot, which has temporarily closed a large section of the blacktop. As a result, many of the students have been parking in the Taylor Hall lot, just north of the school.

While walking their dogs, Jake Forney and his dad Chris discovered that the Taylor Hall parking lot was riddled with trash.

Motivated in part by Joel Harper’s book, All The Way To The Ocean, Jake told his dad, “We should come back here tomorrow and pick up all this trash.”

With school on holiday for President’s Day, Jake geared up and went to work.

“He put on his little spider man gloves, grabbed some trash bags and went to work. Ninety minutes later, the entire lot was free of trash,”?Mr. Forney shared.

Jake hopes the CHS students will now use the many available trash cans in the parking lot. Thank you, Jake!


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