Schroeder selected mayor, Nasiali mayor pro tem

Larry Schroeder was nominated mayor by fellow councilmember Corey Calaycay, a gesture that was unanimously approved by the rest of the council during a special city council meeting Tuesday afternoon.

This is Mr. Schroeder’s second stint as mayor. As Claremont has a rotating mayorship, he will be the mayor for one year, at which point another councilmember will assume the role in 2018.

Opanyi Nasiali was also unanimously voted in as Mayor Pro Tem after being nominated by Councilmember Joe Lyons.

The council meeting also saw Mr. Schroeder and Councilmember Corey Calaycay getting sworn-in to new four-year terms after being re-elected on March 7. Mr. Calaycay was sworn in by former California State Senator Bob Margett, while Mr. Schroeder was sworn-in by his 11-year-old granddaughter Ava Bella.

The new mayor kept his comments short, thanking his family and the community for allowing him to continue his work on the council. He also noted the upcoming priorities workshop as a way for Claremonters to see what the council will work on for the next year.

“I’m humbled and take serious this responsibility to our community,” he said.

Mr. Calaycay also thanked the community for allowing him to serve for another four years. Despite coming in a distant second to Mr. Schroeder this year, Mr. Calaycay noted he received the most number of votes that he has ever received in a council race.

Mr. Calaycay told those in attendance that he is always available to the citizens of Claremont.

“I never forget the fact that I work for all of you,” he said. “I represent all members of this community, whether you vote for me or not.”

Outgoing Mayor Sam Pedroza was also honored, receiving a letter of appreciation from Assemblymember Chris Holden’s office as well as a gavel plaque from his fellow councilmembers. City Manager Tony Ramos presented a massive bouquet of flowers to Mr. Pedroza’s wife, Julie.

During a presentation outlining all the accomplishments the city made during his tenure as mayor—including planting trees, adopting a balanced budget and public safety initiatives—Mr. Pedroza thanked the community, the council and his family for their support.

“This recent municipal election provided me the confidence that this community values spirited debate with an immutable discussion we have as a council,” he said. “As Judy Wright would say, our role as councilmembers is to be part of a continuum that keeps the core of Claremont at its heart.”

—Matthew Bramlett


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