Harry Copenhaver, come on down!

Claremonter Harry Copenhaver and his wife Lisa picked up their brand-new Prius Model C on Wednesday at local Toyota dealership.

Mr. Copenhaver won the car Sunday during the annual Claremont Educational Foundation (CEF) Prius Raffle when the dealership’s fleet director Bruce Wright drew his name.

Mr. Copenhaver said he sold a number of the raffle tickets to help his 14-year-old daughter Danyele and the class of 2020 boosters. As a thank-you, CEF gave him a couple of tickets and he bought a couple as well.

Mr. Copenhaver was at a Yoga retreat over the weekend and was out of cell phone reception, so he did not find out about the win until he turned on his phone Sunday evening to find numerous missed calls and texts from his family.

The car will replace the 2005 Toyota Corolla his wife Lisa currently drives. The couple plans to take the car on its maiden voyage to Laughlin this weekend, although Ms. Copenhaver will be behind the wheel and Mr. Copenhaver says he’ll stick with his Harley Davidson.

—Steven Felschundneff


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