Scripps resident advisors back to work after three week strike

After three weeks of refusing to perform traditional duties, Scripps College resident advisors agreed to end their strike and resume regular responsibilities Thursday night, they announced in an email to the Scripps community.

The RAs, who released a list of demands April 13, touted promises they received from the administration after “weeks of negotiations,” including a “two-phase restructuring of the RA role,” a revision of the drug and alcohol policy, increased financial aid accessibility, more funding for off-campus mental health and mental health crisis training for community members.

“We know the community will hold the administration accountable to these commitments as they come to fruition over the summer and next school year,” the RAs wrote.

The RAs went on strike to protest an alleged lack of support from the college after the suicide of fellow RA Tatissa Zunguze in March, and demanded more financial aid, mental health resources and the resignation of Dean of Student Charlotte Johnson.

“The purpose of the strike,” the RAs wrote at the time, is “to put pressure on Scripps to fulfill its obligation to students, to demonstrate the extent of the labor we perform on campus and to break with our normal routine in recognition of the impact of Tatissa’s passing and illustrate our frustration with Scripps’ continued inaction.”

The Scripps administration did not respond to a request for comment, but President Lara Tiedens told the COURIER during the strike that she and the RAs “share the goals of creating a better Scripps,” and met with the RAs several times to discuss their demands.

After students complained about the presence of outside security personnel, who were brought to campus in case of emergency while the RAs were on strike, the RAs agreed to resume emergency evacuation duties on April 25. Now, they’ll continue their other duties, which include holding office hours, patrolling residence halls and enforcing campus policies.

—Kellen Browning


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