Student artists kickoff ‘Art Works’ with mural

Montclair Place, formerly Montclair Plaza, is launching an art installation series as a part of the center’s yearlong celebration of creativity.

Curated by John Wolf Advisory of Los Angeles, the interior and exterior art installations will feature mixed-media and interactive works created by a combination of well-known artists and local college students.

The first art installation, led by artist and professor Chris Trueman of Claremont, features work by student artists from Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga. The students painted an exterior mural themed around the city of Montclair’s prized mountain range backdrop.

The mural features a view of the San Gabriel Mountains on the exterior triangular wall of the mall’s parking deck ramp, which faces west. The team of artists selected for this project are former students of Mr. Trueman, Peyton Warrick, Jarmaine Pascua and Andrea Hernandez

The students artists and Mr. Trueman spent six days completing the 145-foot mural, which took more than 180 cans of spray paint (for the color gradient background) and 30 paint pens (to draw the mountain range using US Geological Survey topographic maps).

“We chose to represent one of Montclair’s most distinguishing aspects, the mountain range—which serves as a backdrop and ever present landmark visible from most vantage points in the city—reminding the community of the beautiful place in which we live,” Mr. Trueman said. “There is no better way to begin this art series than with these talented student artists from our community.”

This mural kicked off “Art Works” at Montclair Place, a unique art installation series as part of the center’s yearlong celebration of creativity and its own reimagining.

Additional projects will be launched throughout the year including urban artwork from celebrated street artists and muralists, sculpture, music and dance as well as digital and culinary art.


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