Claremont High track gets brighter with a facelift

The Claremont High School track was resurfaced and repainted recently using taxpayer funds that are earmarked for outdoor facilities that are open to both students and the public. 

The work was paid for out of Recreational Assessment District (RAD) funds, which Claremont residents pay through their property taxes. RAD money can only be spent on outdoor areas accessible to the public, such as playgrounds and blacktop court surfaces, according to CUSD Executive Director Facilities and Nutrition Services Rick Cota.

The project began just after graduation and was scheduled to be finished on Wednesday, with the reopening of the track planned for Thursday. The contractor, Beynon Sports Surfaces, laid the new surface over the existing one and repainted all of the lines and markings needed for track and field competition.

The track hasn’t been updated for 15 years. The project took about three weeks at a cost of $275,000. According to the Beynon website, the new Olympic-quality surface “Offers athletes the highest level of control and maximum energy return.”

According to Mr. Cota, other RAD-funded projects include the artificial turf installed at CHS last year.

The track is popular with walkers and runners who wish to exercise on a flat surface that is more forgiving to the body than pavement.

“Because we keep the track open for everyone to use after school, there was money for the project,” said CHS principal Brett O’Connor.

—Steven Felschundneff


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