Claremont police launch ‘Take back our community’ campaign

According to the latest city manager’s report, Claremont police officers and staff are frequently asked by concerned residents, “What can I do to address the increased crime attributed to Assembly Bill 109, Proposition 47 and Proposition 57?”

The changes made by these laws have allowed violent and career criminals the opportunity to avoid either jail time or rehabilitative programs, the report says.

In addition, these laws have created a criminal justice system that does not take into account an individual’s criminal history, according to police.

Claremont officers believe that violent and career criminals need to be held accountable and kept off our streets. But, police say, only the state can make these changes.

Based on the provisions of AB 109, Prop 47 and Prop 57, the definition of what constitutes a violent crime has been eroded. As police explain it, in California today, the following crimes are classified as “non-violent:”

Domestic violence, corporal injury to a child, rape of unconscious or drugged person, a hate crime causing physical injury, assault with a deadly weapon, first-degree burglary and solicitation to commit murder.

Officers from the Claremont Police Department ask local residents to contact state legislators and urge them to make the changes necessary to help protect communities.

Visit to find more facts on AB109, Prop 47 and Prop 57 and to download a letter template that can be sent to state legislators demanding change.


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