Jacket sale at Memorial Park turns ugly very quickly

On Wednesday, July 12 a Pomona man was arrested after a robbery at Memorial Park turned into a dangerous scuffle. The victim and his girlfriend arrived at the park around 5:50 p.m. to complete an online sale of a purple Supreme jacket worth about $480. The buyer, 19-year-old Brandon Roman, then put on the jacket and tried to flee. The victims pursued Mr. Roman to Yale Avenue, where a fistfight ensued in the middle of the street and Mr. Roman pulled out a knife. A second suspect then punched the male victim several times in the head, and was able to take the jacket from Mr. Roman and flee south on Yale in a tan SUV. The victim suffered a cut on the side of his head, a laceration to his left elbow and a possible concussion and was treated at the scene. Mr. Roman was arrested on suspicion of robbery and transported to CPD jail. The second suspect, described only as an 18-year-old Caucasian man, is still at large.


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