Claremont Baptist Nursery School honors longtime directors

After 53 graduations and more than 2,500 graduated preschoolers, Claremont Baptist Nursery School said goodbye to Kathy Potter and Janet Hodges earlier this summer.

First established in 1964 by Edith Fagg, the nursery school is located at the Claremont First Baptist church on the corner of Harrison and Mountain Avenues.

Ms. Hodges came on board as the secretary of the school in 1967 and became the assistant director the next year, in addition to teaching a class of four-year olds. She took over as the full-time director in 1974.

Ms. Potter joined her as assistant director in 1982 and together they’ve seen and taught thousands of preschoolers and have guided them through their school recitals, graduations and events. They grew the preschool to what it is now, and the church staff shared they will be sorely missed by their teachers, students and the many families who come back year after year with their children.

Ms. Potter and Ms. Hodges both said they plan to enjoy their new free time in retirement, however, Ms. Hodges won’t stay away too long, as she’s returning to the nursery school this year to assist the new director, Suzanne Duron.

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