PVHMC offers $50 mammograms through October

Breast cancer is a devastating disease that has claimed far too many of our mothers and grandmothers, sisters and daughters, friends and family members. At Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC), we are committed in making advanced 3D breast imaging technology available to all patients, regardless of income or insurance coverage.

As part of our commitment, we offer 3D mammograms to uninsured patients for just $100. However this October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve lowered the cost to $50, so no one has to put off this potentially lifesaving screening.

“Mammograms are a critical measure for women’s health,” said Dr. Paul Reisch, Medical Director of the Breast Health Center at PVHMC. “At PVHMC, we don’t want the cost to deter any woman from taking charge of her well-being.”

Early detection is crucial to improving survival rates for women, and advanced imaging technology has made early-stage diagnosis much more common.

Mammography technology has improved vastly in recent years. In fact, several studies have shown that the latest advancement, digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography), improves cancer detection rate by 40 percent or more, and decreases recall rates by 30 percent or more compared with conventional mammography. 

While many breast care centers only offer 3D mammography to women with dense breast tissue, PVHMC was one of the first in the region to offer digital 3D mammography to all patients who visit the Pomona, Chino Hills and Claremont locations. The Hospital has also invested in a new technology that decreases the amount of radiation during a 3D mammogram.

To schedule a 3D mammography appointment in October at the Breast Health Center, Claremont Health Center and Chino Hills Health Center, call PVHMC’s scheduling line at (909) 469-9395.


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