Construction on Base Line Road set to continue next Monday

Due to construction, portions of Base Line Road will be closed throughout the day on Monday, November 13.

Parts of the road in front of the Serrano housing development will be closed in both directions due to a road re-striping project, according to Community Development Director Brad Johnson. 

“It’s something that was delayed from the Serrano project,” Mr. Johnson said, who later added the project is “really kind of the last step for their requirements.”

Serrano’s developer, DR Horton, is spearheading the construction. The re-striping comes a little more than a week after a slurry seal project on November 4 that completely closed Base Line Road.

This time, Mr. Johnson said, the entire road won’t be closed—construction crews will move from lane to lane while keeping the rest of the street open. Construction will last from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Mr. Johnson said.

Matthew Bramlett


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